Metal Detector


It signals with an acoustic and/or luminous indicator when cutlery accidentally falls into the organic refuse bin, enabling it to be recovered.

Our Products    Metal Detector   Saturn

Funnel dimensions: Ø 47x12cm
Dimensions of control unit: 18x20x6cm
Power used: negligible
Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz
Weight: 4 kg


During the clearing operations it often happens that the waiter looses cutlery in th organic waste. If it' s precious flatware or silver damage becomes significant and lthe loss at the end of the year appreciable. With Saturn the operator is alerted by a warning light and/or sound that a metal object has been dropped in the trash and he can save cutlery and not contaminate organic wastes. Saturn signals the fall of every kind of metal.

Saturn is composed of a funnel to be placed on the rubbish bin - absolutely a plastic bin -  and a control unit with a stroboscopic lamp, which allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the device, to reset it after each message, to exclude the sound signalif it is annoying. 

Pay attention: Saturn must be installed farther away from metalic masses.


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Our Products    Metal Detector   Saturn


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