Dry, polish and sterilize cutlery after washing.
to have glasses perfectly crystal-clear both inside and outside.
An alternative to pre-washing plates by hand with a dishcloth under the tap before putting them in the dishwasher.
Restore the shine to both steel and silver cutlery.
Signals when cutlery falls into the organic refuse bin.

Antar Italia

Our philosophy

To project and put at the disposal of foodservice professionals tools that allow to automate the manual work, to improve the results, to free labor for more qualifying jobs and to bring down operational costs. All the machines we manufacture are environmentally friendly.

Antar Italia srl is a young company which has set itself the problem of helping professional caterers facilitating the manual labor and lowering the cost of labor. In 1994, Antar has become aware of how much manual labor, often alienating, was done in the kitchen, maybe in the evening hours after the end of the service. Antar Italia currently exports over 75% of production, especially in Europe, and is expanding the boundaries of operations in emerging markets such as Russia, the Middle and Far East and the Americas



At the fair of Rimini in November 1994 we presented the first automatic dryer for cutlery in the world and since then the company has been committed to solve similar problems such as drying and polishing glasses, pre-washing dishes and, most recently, a metal detector to avoid losing cutlery in organic waste bags.

The use of a proper method of work and the use of germicidal lamps provide a very high level of hygiene. This is why Antar devotes much time for training personnel for the user to get perfect results both from the point of view of quality and fully compatible with the requirements of HACCP.

In 2010, Antar Italia received the Golden Mercury.

The assignment of the Mercurio d' Oro 2010 was motivated by the support given by Antar to those restaurateurs attentif to the table decoration and direct and indirect costs. An important item of saving costs is to avoid breaking glasses during the manual drying with the torchon.

One of the strengths of Antar is the greening. Antar ITALIA is engaged in the design of equipment that significantly reduces the volume and weight of organic waste according with the EU directives to which Italy will have to adapt.