Dry and polish glasses

Glass Shining

It dries and polishes up to 500 glasses per hour.

Our Products    Dry and polish glasses   Glass Shining
Glass Shining

Production: 500 glasses/hour
Dimensions: 59x31x45cm
Power used: 200–1411 watts

Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz

Motor Power: 140 watt

Weight: 25 kg


After washing glasses it is normally required a manual refresher to remove the unsightly stains or residues of water and / or limestone.

At present, this operation is done by hand, it absorbs hand work and presents the risk to break glasses. 

Solution: Glass Shining

Glass Shining is a machine with eight rolling brushes in soft fringe of natural tissue, always kept dry by a jet of hot air, with temperature control, coming out from the two side chimneys sucked from the bottom of the machines, passing first through a dust filter and then a U.V. sterilizing lamp. The glasses are placed upside down on the central brushes, which dry and polish the inside while the other brushes turn on the external surface, making them perfectly tranparent and smooth.

The brushes are of four different diameters, are interchangeable each other to allow to treat glasses of any size and shape. 

The brushes must be cleaned with warm water and mild soap, then you can let them dry directly on the machine on. 

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Our Products    Dry and polish glasses   Glass Shining


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